Holiday Travel

The holiday season is quite possibly the most traveled time period of the entire year. Of course some parts of the country experience more traffic than others. For example, the North East Corridor extending from the Washington D. C metro area up through Maryland, Delaware, South East Pennsylvania, New Jersey, the New York City area, Connecticut and Massachusetts into the Boston region probably experiences the most traffic in the entire nation. By contrast the highways around Casper Wyoming or Bismarck North Dakota probably experience much less traffic relatively speaking.

Given all this traffic it becomes especially important to drive safely. Nothing can ruin the joyous spirit of the Holidays more than an accident and a visit to the collision repair Salt Lake City shop. For this reason it is very important to maintain a heightened state of vigilance while engaging in holiday travel whether you happen to be traveling in the North East Corridor or the Salt Lake City area of Utah. In order to maintain a heightened state of vigilance it is highly important to get enough sleep and of course to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages or engaging in drug use prior to getting on the road. This of course includes any prescription drugs that may impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle.

It is the considered opinion of the editorial staff of the Corp B2C blog that traveling is a traditional part of the holiday season. Accordingly, there is probably not any way to avoid taking part in this ritual for a large segment of the American population. For this reason, it is important that everyone taking part in this ritual do their best to drive as safely as possible so as to avoid ending up in a collision repair Salt Lake City when they should be sitting around the dinner table.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Corp B2C Blog!

Why I Cannot Drink the Kool Aid

When I was a boy my parents joined that cult that Jim Jones started in the jungles of Guyana. It was called “The People’s Temple” and if you know anything about it you will also know that it did not end very well. I do not want to get into specifics but the phrase “drink the Kool-Aid” is derived from the events that transpired down there in 1978. Suffice to say my family and I were among the fortunate few who survived those horrible events. Although I was very young when this all happened I retained a dark memory, more like a certain sense of dread associated with what transpired.

Ever since I have remained very skeptical of organized religion and certainly cults of all kind. It is for this reason that I issued forth an emphatic “No!” when a friend of mine asked me to join Scentsy. She pleaded with me. She tried to explain to me that Scentsy was not in any way a cult and that it was only a multi level marketing operation. But to me the whole thing felt like a cult and given my family’s history in South America I did not want any part of it.

But still my friend persisted. Anytime we met for coffee she would ask me to join Scentsy. In the evenings she would call me ostensibly to chat but invariably the conversation would turn to Scentsy. I began to feel uncomfortable around her and took precautions to avoid running into her. But that is a difficult thing to do when you live in a small town where everyone knows each other. Part of me wants to tell her the reason why I can never do the thing she asks me to do. But another part of me knows that I cannot divulge my deep and dark past.

A Primer on Tote Heaters

Let us speak of Tote Heaters and speak of them boldly. First of all, what exactly is a “Tote Heater” and what is its function? This is a very good question and certainly one that must be answered before we progress one word further in this article.

Simply put, a Tote Heater is a product that provides a consistent level of heat for a container such as an industrial drum and at the same time allows it to be transported from one location to another. Obviously, the drum would have to be of a size that allowed it to be transported in a tote. Otherwise a larger sized heating device would definitely be required.

It is well known that most chemicals and industrial supplies have very stringent storage and temperature requirements. For example, cold temperatures can be particularly problematic. This is true because if one was to store chemicals or other industrial supplies in large totes, it would be very difficult to find an effective heating solution. So the question presents itself, just how does one keep an IBC or tote tank, that has been filled to the brim with chemicals, at optimal temperatures required? Obviously one would need a top of the line product that emits a safe and consistent heat. This would ensure the totes are stored at optimal temperatures. A standard tote heater should be able to fit a two hundred and seventy-five gallon, three hundred and thirty gallon, and a three hundred fifty gallon tote. A business offering this type of product would offer a custom process such that they would manufacture heaters to fit any tote. They must be easy to install to allow the heaters to save the customer both time, money, as well as hassle by preserving the customer’s most sensitive of products.

Diversification of Income to Protect Against Outsourcing

Any loyal reader of the Corp B2C blog has likely become very familiar with the prospect of being outsourced. This is a true statement because the Corp B2C blog has (for better or worse) become the industry thought leader for anyone who has an interest in the nexus between corporate structures and technology. Outsourcing IT support Austin is simply a matter of fact in today’s corporate technology environment. Long gone are the days when a man could support his family on his salary alone and at the same time remain relatively confident that his position would remain secure until retirement.

With all this in mind it is no wonder why the readers of the Corp B2C blog have taken steps to protect themselves from this potential situation. One way in which they have done this is to cultivate multiple sources of income. By developing multiple income streams the readers of the Corp B2C blog will have an insurance policy against losing their income due to their position being outsourced to an IT support Austin business. From this position he or she can breathe a little easier knowing that he or she can count on these other sources of income whilst finding a replacement for the income lost.

In this modern economy there can be no one hundred percent protection against being outsourced. The best way to avoid this outcome is to become a self employed entrepreneur. Even this position, however, relies on a customer base. As such, in that situation it is a best practice to cultivate a wide base. This is similar to developing multiple income streams to protect against the loss of any particular one.

In the final analysis the readers of the Corp B2C blog all know well that in order to protect themselves they must diversify their income streams.

Preparation for the ASVAB

The loyal readers of the Corp B2C blog are well aware that before a candidate for enlistment in the U. S. Armed Services actually enters the U. S. Armed Services they must sit for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB test. This is true regardless of whether the candidate for enlistment chooses to join the U. S. Army, the U. S. Navy, the U. S. Air Force, the U. S. Marines Corps, the U. S. Coast Guard or the U. S. National Guard. Moreover the best way for a candidate for enlistment to prepare for the ASVAB test is to take multiple versions of the ASVAB practice test.

By taking multiple versions of the ASVAB practice test, the candidate for enlistment in the U. S. Armed Service will achieve two important goals. The first goal that the candidate will achieve is that the candidate for enlistment will become more familiar with the test format of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. The second goal that the candidate will achieve is that the candidate will learn which subject areas covered by the ASVAB require additional study in order to achieve a passing grade.

The purpose of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is two fold. The first purpose of the ASVAB is to determine whether the candidate is qualified to enlist in the U. S. Armed Services. The second purpose of the ASVAB is to determine which profession in the U. S. Armed Services best fits the candidate for enlistment’s particular skill set.

A career in the U. S. Armed services can be an exciting and rewarding life choice for many people. This is true because the armed services provides a wide variety of experiences and leadership opportunities that the candidate might not otherwise be exposed to under normal circumstances.

The Reality of Being Outsourced

No one ever counts on being outsourced. Think about it. When you are hired by an employer there is a sense of relief and accomplishment. The thought of losing your position is far, far away. Thoughts mostly focus on performing well, making good impressions and meeting your new employer’s expectations. Eventually, however, as enough time goes by the realization begins to set in that your position is not as permanent as you originally thought. In fact, even for reasons outside your control and that have nothing to do with your performance you may be laid off and you will be thrust into the cold, harsh world of unemployment.

If you are an IT tech and your position has been outsourced to a managed IT services Austin, you have some decisions to make. The first decision you must make is how will you make up the income stream you have just lost. Perhaps if you are lucky you have another job lined up. Perhaps you have savings that you can live off of for a couple of months whilst you regroup and send out your resume. Perhaps you have no idea what to do and you have to start off again at square one.

Eventually you will find yourself in a new position. It seems as if it will never happen while you are in the throws of unemployment. Even if your position has been outsourced to a managed IT services Austin it is of the utmost importance to keep a positive attitude. So many other people have been in the same position. There is no shame in it. You simply have to pick yourself up and put yourself out there. Hiding in your apartment or your parents’ basement is probably the worst thing you can do. You must be making contacts and letting potential employers that you are available.