The Corp B2C / Drum Heater Connection

More than a few members of the Corp B2C readership have made inquiries regrading the number of recent blog posts that contain the words Drum Heater in their titles. There seems to be a strong connection between this term and the Corp B2C blog. But the exact nature of this […]

The Electrician Ogden Slide

The Electrician Ogden Slide  Based on lyrics to “The Electric Slide” by Marcia Griffiths It’s Electric in Ogden! You can’t see it It’s electric! You gotta feel it It’s electric! Ooh, it’s shakin’ It’s electric! Jiggle-a-Ogden-cara She’s a pumpin’ like a matic She’s a movin’ like electric She sure got the […]

Corp B2C / Drum Heater Connection

There is a strange nexus between the product known as a drum heater and the mission of the Corp B2C Blog. Allow me to explain. When industrial drums are heated their contents remain at a temperature that is at or above whatever temperature the heater is set to. It is […]

The Beat of the Drum Heater

Do you hear the thump that is the beat of the drum heater of your heart? Of course you do. Every Corp B2C blog reader worth his (or her) salt hears the sound. How could he (or she) not? It pulsates both day and night, twenty four hours a day, […]