All you need to know about the GED test and how to prepare for it

ged practice test

About the GED test

The GED practice test is also called General Education Development Test and is made of four different sections that you get tested on. This test was made to measure your proficiency in four high school subjects for any individual who is 16 or older, or did not have a chance to graduate and get a high school diploma. If you take the GED test and you pass with a good score you will receive a certificate that is equivalent to a high school diploma.

What is on the GED test?

All four GED subjects take about seven hours in total to finish. These are the 4 primary high school subjects. The GED test will be delivered on a computer but not online at home. There is alo paper testing but it is only available as an accommodation. You would need to check with the nearest GED testing center to learn about what kind of testing procedure they will use.

What are the 4 sections? 

Subject Time
Reasoning Through Language Arts 150 minutes
Mathematical Reasoning 115 minutes
Science 90 minutes
Social Studies 70 minutes

How to register for the test?

When you’re ready to take the GED test, you will need to register fir it online on the official GED website which is The first step of the registration is you’ll have to create an account with your name and then you will be able to schedule a test day. Ged test taking usually takes place either in education centers or community colleges near you, sometimes online testing is available but only for qualifying candidates.

How to prepare for the GED test?

The GED test can be very hard if you don’t spend time studying for it. Knowing exactly what you need to study and the right way to study for it can help you get a good score on the test. A Lot of people that take the GED test have had a hard time taking tests previously in the past. A big difference between a great test taken and a bad test taker often will depend on how much time they spend preparing for the test. A good and prepared test taker is very efficient and they only focus on those questions/problems that they are weak on. Here are a few good tips on how to study for the GED.

  1. Read all the questions slowly and carefully
  2. Don’t jump to any conclusions right away
  3. Believe in your first answer
  4. Go with what you know
  5. Have an answer for everything
  6. Have a positive attitude
  7. Partner up
  8. Take extra classes
  9. Make a good and informational study guide.
  10. Stay positive

Studying for the GED test might seem like a daunting task to do, but it doesn’t have to be at all. With some ged practice tests and with some thought, you will be able to create a great¬† plan for yourself that will have you walking into the test ready to pass with a great score.