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Many of us would love to have a bright white smile, however, many things such as food and drinks can start to dull the color of our teeth. Aging also plays a big factor when it comes to the color of our teeth. To keep your teeth white, there are few things that you can do, including professional teeth whitening at a dental office in orem. Professional teeth whitening has risen and it’s more popular now than it has ever been over the past decade. So, you now have the opportunity to have that beautiful white smile.

Yes, there are many over the counter toothpastes that claim they can whiten your teeth, but still going to the dentist to get your teeth professionally whitened is the better choice and it will give you much better results as well.

Is teeth whitening done at a dental office?

The answer to that is yes! Dentists can offer professional teeth whitening right in their office on dental chair. Your dentist might also give you the option of doing teeth whitening at home with a kit that’s provided by your dentist.

How do dentists whiten your teeth?

If you decide to get your teeth professionally whitened in a dental office, then there will be a few that will be performed, including:

  • The dentist will make a record of your teeth and their shade.
  • Your teeth will get professionally cleaned as well as polished.
  • Gauze will be placed inside of your mouth to make sure that your teeth will stay dry through the process.
  • Your gum line will also be protected.
  • Your teeth will get coated with the teeth whitening solution and the solution will stay on your teeth for 30 minutes.
  • When your teeth reach the desired color, the inside of your mouth will get rinsed off.
  • The dentist will give your treatment for tooth sensitivity.
  • The whitening process may be repeated again to achieve desired results.

Things to avoid after whitening your teeth!

Whether you whiten your teeth at home or at a dental office , there are some things that you will need to avoid after the whitening treatment. These include:

  • Drinking dark liquids such as tea, coffee or tomato juice.
  • Eating foods such as dark grapes, candy or yellow mustard
  • Smoking tobacco or cigarettes.

How long do the results last?

Once you have completed the teeth whitening treatment and you have reached your desired results, these results can last for a few years if you properly take care of your teeth. The keys to making your results last longer is having a clean diet and avoiding drinks and foods that can easily stain your teeth. It is also a great idea to visit your dentist in Orem for a checkup every six months to make sure that you have good oral health and your teeth are in a good condition and not just white. If you want to maintain a bright smile, you have to take care of your teeth and that means going to the dentist often to make sure there aren’t any cavities or tartar building up on your teeth.