Cleaner cleaning floor using mop

Tasks That House Owners Should Not Ask to Cleaning Service Provider

Cleaning the house is a more arduous task than one thinks. The first step is to understand the housekeeping duties. It includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, kitchen, bathroom, and surface cleaning. Thus, when hiring a house cleaning service, specify what you expect during the interview process.

Here are a few things you should not allow the cleaning professional to do at your home, or you must be prepared to pay extra. Thus, avoid these tasks as general duties for your maid service in Vancouver, Washington.

Tidying Before Cleaning

Hiring a professional for a house cleaning for a particular time frame means to use the time wisely. It means pick up dishes or clothes beforehand. In this way, you are sure that the house cleaning professional focuses on home cleaning activities. If you want the professional to fold your laundry, be prepared to pay extra, and remember you may be hindering her work. It will be a loss of her time and your work.

Do Add-ons

Certain things, such as scrubbing the oven, cleaning the refrigerator, or doing laundry, are things that always need attention and you run short of time. In case these tasks are your requirements, pay extra. If you want the kitchen counters clear-up, sink-tasks to complete, clean cat boxes, you must be prepared to pay add-ons or hire someone to handle the add-ons.

Clean Pet or Human Discharge

Several maids fall sick due to cleaning of human or pet discharge. If this problem reoccurs in your home, you must look for someone having specific training. Ensure that you do not make your regular cleaning service provider to handle it.

Lift Heavy Objects

Moving heavy furniture and boxes is a big no. The house cleaning Vancouver, WA, professionals have different policies, and they have a set of rules as to what to do and what not to do. Moving heavy objects more than 15 kgs is a risk, so avoid insisting or requesting them to do so.

Run Personal Errands

Did you ask for help in shopping for groceries, babysitting, ironing, pet care, or picking kids from school? Such responsibilities are not the role of a cleaning service professional. If you require a person as a jack-of-all-trades, ensure the job description is clear, and you look for a wider skill set of people. You can post a job to help with odd jobs and errands.


Climbing on a chair or the countertop, do not ask your cleaning professional for help. They may get injured, and it will be your liability. If you are looking to clean high windows as a part of the house cleaning service, hiring a better-equipped service helps to tackle the job with ease. They are insured to manage in case there is some accident happening.

Bear in mind these responsibilities that are not a part of the house cleaning services. If you want something, hire another professional or be ready to pay extra.